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Physiotherapy Service at West Bar Vets

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Hannah Oliver-Byrne ACPAT cat A, PGDip, MCSP is a Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in animal physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy will help your pet if it is experiencing poor function and pain due to:

  • Joint dysfunction- arthritis, dysplasia, fracture
  • Injury- including after a car accident, after sport
  • Neurological conditions- including spinal injury, stroke, degenerative neuropathy.
  • Muscular dysfunction- injury, loss of muscle bulk, tension
  • Tendon and Ligament damage- including cruciate damage and patella subluxation
  • Post operative- especially for musculoskeletal repair, to maintain function when on cage rest.

Hydrotherapy, manual therapy, electrotherapy (e.g. NMES and TENS) and exercise therapy are all modalities used by Hannah to improve function and reduce pain.

Hannah is an independent professional working across the Midlands. You can arrange to see her at one of her clinics held at North Banbury Veterinary Centre even if we are not your pet’s usual vet.

For more information or to discuss your pet with Hannah :-

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