West Bar Veterinary Hospital
Farm Department, 19 West Bar, Banbury, Oxon OX16 9SA
Telephone us (24 hours) on: 01295 262 332

Farm Services

Our team of farm vets have a wide range of interests and areas of expertise, and our approach is that we become part of the team who manage your animals whether you have a few or a few hundred. With animal health and welfare always our top priority we aim to provide affordable care and advice to maximise productivity.
All our vets are approachable and eager to help whether you would like an on farm visit and discussion or just a phone call. We always aim to call you back the same day if not available when you call.


The list below is not exhaustive but covers some of the more common services offered. If you have something else you require then we are more than happy to help – just give us a ring on 01295 759191 to discuss.




  • Sick animal examination and treatment
  • Infectious disease investigation
  • Dairy fertility visits
  • Bull/ram breeding soundness examinations
  • Herd/flock health plans
  • Nutrition advice
  • Vaccination advice
  • TB testing and other Official Veterinarian work (e.g. abortion and anthrax enquiries, export certification)
  • Calving/lambing assistance
  • Disbudding/dehorning
  • Castrations
  • Medicated feed prescriptions
  • Our own out of hours service



Our in house laboratory enables us to provide a range of individual tests and profiles to best suit your needs at competitive prices. You can expect a fast turnaround of results alongside expert interpretation and advice.



  • Blood analysis for sick animals
  • Faecal analysis for worms, other parasites and bacteria so that you can give targeted treatment
  • Skin scrapes for mites and lice
  • Microbiology 

We work closely with external laboratories to offer herd health scheme monitoring and diagnosis of infectious diseases.