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Keyhole Spay – offers your pet up to 65% less pain

Neutering your female dog will stop false pregnancy and associated behavioural issues, serious problems including womb infection (pyometra) and mammary (breast) cancer. The benefits of spaying are maximised by spaying before the first season at 4-5 months of age.

At West Bar Vets in Banbury, keyhole surgery (laparoscopic spay) is available for bitches weighing at least 3kg.

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Advantages of a Keyhole Spay over a Traditional Spay

  1. Keyhole bitch spays are performed through 2 tiny holes in the tummy (6-12mm long) rather than through the 50-150mm incision made in traditional bitch spays.
  2. There is significantly reduced pain. A study in 2005 reported a 65% reduction in pain.
  3. Less risk of wound complications (swelling, ruptures, infection).
  4. Improved recovery time.
  5. Minimal exercise restriction.
  6. Most patients do not require an Elizabethan plastic collar.
  7. No revisit checks are necessary for check ups or stitch removal.
  8. Adult bitches are usually spayed about 3 months after the last season but this wait can be shortened to 2 months for keyhole spay.

Disadvantages of a Keyhole Spay are

  1. It is necessary to clip a larger area of hair.
  2. In the unlikely event of complications, conversion to open surgery may be required.
  3. Slightly more expensive than a traditional spay.

Laparoscopic Spay Aftercare

For the first 24 hours after coming home let your dog rest – confine your dog to one room if necessary, avoid excitement, stairs or slippery surfaces and separate from other pets. Do not let your dog jump or climb. You can take your dog out on a lead to the garden for toileting as needed.

After the first 24 hours you can take your dog out for unlimited normal walks but it is advised to keep very active dogs on a lead for 7 days to avoid over vigorous exercise.

Re-check visits are not essential but we do like to check our patients are doing well 2-3 days after surgery.

There are usually no skin sutures to be removed because the two small skin incisions have been closed with surgical tissue adhesive and buried dissolving sutures.

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